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d a y - u n k n o w n : s t a r v a t i o n
You're not really paranoid if they really all are out to get you.
Least, that's what my mother used to say.
I missed her, when it happened. But there's no time for emotion when you need to survive.
All I know at the moment is that it's night. I don't know where I am, what day it is, or what I need to do next.
Wait, what do I have left? I stare down, opening the package of what meagre belongings I possess. A small silver chain. Some scraps of food, the last food that I have (god, I'm freakin' starving right now. Can barely concentrate right now). A few clips of ammo. And finally, a folder, full of some kind of codes. I don't know. All I really know is that I have to protect them.
And that I have to get out of this place, and fast. I drop the bag on the ground and unholster my pistol, smearing a tiny bit of blood on the holster as I do so. Remove the clip, set the new one in and shit what's that noise SHIT-
I roll to the side, just as a truck smashes through the wall just by where
:iconparanoidgunslinger:ParanoidGunslinger 1 2
(UNRELATED) 16: Questioning.
Sometimes, you just have to face the facts.
The DD you want, that goal you have, the only people that will get there are the best.
The elite.
The 1%.
Sometimes, you have to realise that despite the effort you put in, people might just not be interested in your work.
Maybe they can't be bothered to look at it.
It could be that they don't like that kind of stuff.
Or only pay attention to the very best work.
Sometimes it feel like life is unfair.
On Tumblr, a picture of an apple, taken straight from Google Images, with the words 'reblog this' reaps in more favourites than a daily deviation.
While that happens, hundreds upon hundreds of original works are lying in the darkness.
Just how did that apple get so popular anyway? Maybe the person uploaded it was popular.
And there's the truth, plain and simple.
You don't need to be talented, you just need to be popular. Just like in 'real life'.
Whatever 'real life' is.
So, if you feel alone?
You're not.
y o u r e n o t a l o n e
:iconparanoidgunslinger:ParanoidGunslinger 3 4
d a y - o n e : i n t r o d u c t i o n (theme 1)
Breath, relax, aim, fire. Don't let the recoil get to you, don't blink, and whatever you do, do not falter. One miss, and you're fucked.
Arient has been learning this lesson for a long time, practising it, memorising it. Now, in his new occupation, he's going to have to to stick by it to the letter.
One quick glance down, at his watch. 9:00PM. Shit, is it really that late? And my target's still missing? Two more glances around the area. To his left and his right. It's clear. Treading lightly, he walks closer to the door, pushes what looks like a hairpin into the lock. It takes him about ten seconds to open the door, and three more to grab a jamming device out of his pocket and use it to disable the alarms. Habitually, he looks over his shoulder, holding his breath.
No-one. Apparently he got in quickly enough to make it seem natural. Good. He closes the door behind him.
It only takes him a moment that the house is not the ideal place for this. It's too large, about three s
:iconparanoidgunslinger:ParanoidGunslinger 1 0


The Witcher by JustAnoR The Witcher :iconjustanor:JustAnoR 1,316 169
To Kill a Sue: Pilot
Its been seven years since Raven's master had been left and trashed by her creator. She wasn't an ordinary girl. She didn't really exist. She was actually a character, or a Mary Sue in a thirteen year old's Naruto fan fiction.
Raven's creator's name was Emma. She used to like writing fan fiction, until an older more "mature" user told her that Emma was a poor writer and that Raven was a sue. Emma faced deep depression. She was currently in the middle of a fanfiction with Raven in it, but dropped it as soon as that comment was stated. Seven years later, Raven has been running for her life.
Emma's last story took place in the middle ages, where Raven is loved by many but also hated by others. She has abounty on her head for prostitution and being a vampire. And since Emma is not there to finish the story, Raven must do it herself.
"I'm seriously tired of running. There isn't a way to get rid of the bounty. And I'm sick of regretting everything." She said, as she
:iconchibifangirl01:Chibifangirl01 7 13
Maid of Life by Lapirin Maid of Life :iconlapirin:Lapirin 895 93
Meeting Someone New - Part One
"I'll be back from the market soon. Don't get yourself into trouble. You're free to roam the apartment as always. Be careful, okay?"
Cry's words still hung in the air as Felix paced by the door anxiously. A few hours had passed and the miniature Swede had grown impatient, even irritated, waiting for Cry's arrival, to have someone there to play games and watch television with him. Someone to make pancakes and eat with him as they joked about the most ridiculous things that had happened to them in the past.
He was bored.
Felix sighed, finally giving in and leaning against the door frame, the frigid breeze from the hallway creeped in and curled around his minuscule form. It caressed his skin, barely touching it as it glided over the surface like gentle fingers, causing Felix to shiver and stand once more while hugging himself to maintain his warmth. He wandered into kitchen, making his way over to the cabinets. He expertly leaped up and swung his body back and forth, jum
:iconwolf4821:Wolf4821 59 76
6:20 PM - Short Story
Hi. Hello. Good day or night to you! My name is Robert Lincoln or Rob for short. It's a funny name, you'll see in a minute. A bit crowded in here, isn't it? Well, waiting for the tube at night, when shifts end and people are free from work tends to have that side effect. Anyways, where was I? I'm not that smart of a guy, you know. I'm only twenty two...well, give or take a zero. What I do, you ask? Oh you didn't? Well let me tell you, anyway. I'm your run-of-the-mill, ordinary, common thief, see. And there's absolutely nothing dis...oh, hold on a minute! My subway is here! Gotta get on! A bit crowded in the entrance....uff...come on you little....ah, there we go!
A bit cozier in here, ain't it?! Was a bit chilly out, and me with just a yellow shirt and some cheap jeans...well, I could catch a cold easily. But in here - much better. And I like the atmosphere better, too. Here, let me just sit right here, opposite that pretty lady in the red dress with the blonde hair. Yah, the one tappi
:iconkolosos666:kolosos666 5 8
We were merely children when the stars came.
They rained down from the sky in a burst of light, like shards of glass pouring down from the heavens. Supernovas blooming in the night sky, petals raining down onto the barren earth - angels, falling with their wings sheathed, glowing, as they glided down. We watched, starstruck, as the glow overtook us - we were mesmerized. We waited with bated breath as the meteors landed, the celestial light subsiding as dark forms started to pick themselves up from the dust.
They moved towards us with an otherworldly grace, their steps leaving no marks on the earth as they descended upon us. Frozen to our spots as they approached, our bodies simply unresponsive in their wake. We were paralyzed. They stretched out their wings, embracing us in a softness unimaginable - a polymerization of silky feathers made of pure light, like a soft touch of a rose petal - and suddenly, our eyes were opened. The world was the same, yet so new, as it was washed with a gl
:iconsolarumnyx:SolarumNyx 256 149
How about a battle with me? by MieuChan How about a battle with me? :iconmieuchan:MieuChan 6,003 415 [BlueUndine] Luna by Rintaraz [BlueUndine] Luna :iconrintaraz:Rintaraz 3,513 150
The Idol
I once saw a man on the television who was so afraid of fruits that when presented with a bowl of them, he fled the stage, knocking over the host and several other guests.  Though I openly pitied the man for his obvious malady of the mind, inside, the small bit of sadism buried within all humans laughed at his bizarre affliction.  How can one not find cruel amusement in the cowering of a grown man who has been confronted by nothing more than a bowl of peaches?  But now I understand fear like no other.  I now no longer find amusement in the terror of others, no matter how illogical.
Now, let me tell you the story of why the sound of wind whistling through the trees in Autumn strikes me with a fear so immense that I can do little more than shake uncontrollably.
A good friend of mine, a young and upcoming anthropologist by the name of Henry Byrne, contacted me eight weeks ago.  Though he refused to go into details, he excitedly explained t
:iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 189 191
Steampunk Victorian Female by Rovanite Steampunk Victorian Female :iconrovanite:Rovanite 260 70 T7S 100 Themes Challenge 89: Through the Fire by Misty-Mountain-Hop T7S 100 Themes Challenge 89: Through the Fire :iconmisty-mountain-hop:Misty-Mountain-Hop 8 14
LIF Slender part 1
[N walks into a local Coffee shop. He sits down for a moment. He see's another hooded figure at a nearby table staring at him. He simply ignores the figure and drinks his coffee.]
[Next door, Mabel and Dipper are at the movie theater, watching Frankenweenie. A hooded figure sits next to them. Dipper is suspicious of the hooded figure while Mabel just watches the movie. The figure then looks at Dipper. Dipper looks away in fear.
[Rigby is picking trash through the park when Slenderman appears from a distance.]
Rigby: Hey Mordecai, look at that guy.
[Mordecai looks at the Slenderman.]
Mordecai: Is he staring at us?
Rigby: I don't know. I don't even see any eyes on him. '
Mordecai: He's probably just lost or something. Hey you, you lost?
[Slenderman does not respond, he just stares at them.]
Mordecai: Are you alright?
[A proxy taps them both on the shoulder. They look back at the proxy.]
Proxy: Do you have the page?
Mordecai: What?
Proxy: The page will give you distance between you and hi
:iconnbbren:Nbbren 17 3
Present by LeviDansam
Mature content
Present :iconlevidansam:LeviDansam 2,139 208
and zero is the biggest
raspberry thorns piercing through membranes
of adroit ballerinas with pointe shoes,
bones smashed against the wood;
they are mangled bodies of birds with suitcases tucked in their wings
phrases spilling from their lips:
(i might lose important papers)
scattered along with liquefied brains on the floor.
he was so afraid, that his immune system was having a seizure,
(its brain was falling apart [birds, birds, birds])
and they opened up the zeroth dimension
(you're the biggest zero out there)
infinity upon infinity, negatives, and ten.
among the scattered papers, she will dance with you again
:iconjaani-androphile:jaani-androphile 20 20
Raen's Crystal Nuzlocke (Page 1) by JazzieDuSoleil Raen's Crystal Nuzlocke (Page 1) :iconjazziedusoleil:JazzieDuSoleil 1 0



Any ideas?

Also, I guess I'll do requests, if you guys want.



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